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Womb-blessing & Womb-healing

A Womb-blessing is a beautiful, gentle yet powerful method of awakening female energy, transformation and healing, which consists of:

  • Five worldwide Womb-blessing each year from Miranda Gray (Founder) and the Moon Mothers
  • Personal Womb-blessing and Womb-healing

The worldwide & personal Womb-blessing, are a combination of the energy-activating aspects of meditation with performing techniques that were developed especially for women to:

  • awake the ability of a woman to love
  • bringing healing to physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level
  • clarification of old patterns and blockages
  • self-empowerment and a sense of peace, self-acceptance and self-love

The worldwide Womb-blessing takes place at full moon and worldwide at the same time with meanwhile more than 150,000 participating women in over 150 countries.

Who can have a Womb-blessing & Womb-healing?

Women (from their first mens), pregnant women and women without a womb can take part.

Important for the worldwide blessing:

The worldwide blessings requires an additional registration on the Website of Miranda Gray. Also, please bring with you two nice bowls and your personal things you want to put on the altar.

You may want the Womb-blessing just for your self? Or maybe in a group with your friends? Privat Womb-blessings are possible according appointment & your preferred place. You decide where you want to have this special ritual.

Miranda Gray, what is a Womb-blessing?

Miranda Gray, why the Womb?

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