About me

„A difficult road often leads you to a magnificent destination“ (unknown)

My journey began 2014… I was planning to take a new path in my life for which I wasn’t ready from the physical & mental perspective. 

Everything broke down like a house of cards…

I asked myself: What do I fear? What am I hiding im my soul? What makes me sad & angry? Why is it so difficult to forgive? Why do I see myself as a victim? And many more…

I realized, carrying this heaviness does not give any benefits to me or to anybody else. 

While exploring & working with different energy healing methods, I came to my inner peace, being free to speak my own truth, being myself.

Today, I am very happy to work with people, share my experience and be there for them in situations like I was in. I chose the name „Soul of Light“ which means to me that we are all from the same source and we have all the availability to help ourselves. Sometimes we simply need someone or something to show us the way to our Soul of Light. 

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